A 2016 Chromosome wallpaper to jump-start your year

In past years I really enjoyed making wallpapers that played off the numbering of human chromosomes in karyotypes to make wallpapers for the New Year. I didn't get to do this during the 2014/2015 New Year because I was drowning in a pile of writing and data analysis. But, I made it out of grad school alive! So, below you'll findĀ a 2016 Chromosome wallpaper to dress up your desktop for the New Year, displaying cartoon representations of chromosomes 20 and 16. I've made it in most sizes and at high enough resolution that, should you have a device with normal proportions but super high resolution (e.g., retina displays), it should still look good. Click the thumbnail for the wallpaper you want and save the image to your computer, per usual. Enjoy!, JRY 2016-01-24 Update: By request, I have added an additional wallpaper at a resolution of 2560x1440.