Happy New Year!

The Biology Blog is back! A lot has happened in the past year that kept me from actively working on the site, the most exhausting of which was finishing my PhD. I've published some papers, started a postdoc and am already waist-deep in a whole new field. Despite (or because of?) all of these changes, I think the time is right to refresh the blog start anew. I look forward to breathing new life into The Biology Blog. It's always been a fun outlet to discuss recent events in the MCB fields, and has proven to be a valuable way to connect to the community outside of my benchwork. I hope 2016 will be an exciting year, scientifically and otherwise, for all of the readers of The Biology Blog! Happy New Year!, JRY

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Hei i have some Sugestions for articles you could have in deep. 

     I wonder about defence memory cells and the naive cells.I read the first are growing in number when we get older and decrease the number of the seconds.A reason to bad health of old people?.Have you consider the biocatalizators that can clean the cells from the toxines and let them like new? Im thinking also about something that block the hydrolyse of the 1-4 bond of carbohydrates to avoid inntake of glucose. I readed NER repair is the way to go younger and   Stronger(even telomerase).Have you analyzed what is in the blood of the young rat of the experiment of 1950 that the old rat dont have? We could be very happy of having it in the right dose. There are substances as UDP gluconarate and a needed vitamin or coenzyme that can clean the body and help smokers. Have you made analyses to find out how work the metabolism of a breather (those that almost dont eat for long periodes).I found it very interesting. 

    Regards.A reader

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  2. Very Nice blog. Rip for å great microbiologist. I wonder if you could put something about regeneration of organs and limbs. I will like to read about the effect of activation of regenerative genes in different species that have lost this hability. I really want to see it. Also recombinant technology in organelles that could be very interesting experiment.

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