Stay on top of the literature by automating PubMed feeds

Piles of scientific papers. Despite the ever-rising bar to publish scientific papers, it seems that the scientific community is accelerating with the rate of publication, rather than slowing down or even maintaining pace. This is no doubt due to the increasing numbers of online-only journals that promise rapid acceptance times with minimal formatting and production overhead. At times it may feel impossible to actually keep track of where a field is going because by the time you've read last week's hotlist papers, there are suddenly another five showing up on PubMed, Google Scholar or Web of Science. On top of that, if you haven't checked "that one" journal in a while, you may end up missing an important paper until its already old news because you didn't choose just the right keywords in your search. Well, suffer no more. The following how-to guide will help you to stay on top of papers in your field by utilizing two important resources: PubMed's search engine (without question the most trustable source for legitimate primary sources for the biological [and other] sciences) and IFTTT ("If This, then That"), a website that helps you to automate tasks through the internet. The best part: it's all free. Continue reading "Stay on top of the literature by automating PubMed feeds"