The Biology Blog (TBB) is a blog covering molecular/cell biology and evolutionary medicine, aimed at presenting focused news, articles and tips for both professional and non-professional readers. Jordan R. Yaron received his PhD in Biological Design from the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. His research interest lies in the role of acute inflammation in the pathogenesis of sterile disease. His dissertation research identified novel roles for potassium and calcium ion flux in regulating the inflammasome, a central driver of inflammation and immunity. You can find out more about Jordan's work in his recent publication in Cell Death and DiseaseK(+) regulates Ca(2+) to drive inflammasome signaling: dynamic visualization of ion flux in live cells. Valerie Harris is a current PhD student in Biological Design at Arizona State University. Her work focuses on applying evolutionary theory to our current understanding of cancer by examining the effects of tumoral heterogeneity on cancer development, progression and metastasis. Don't forget to follow The Biology Blog's tweets on Twitter and Like the Facebook Page! Want to get in touch? Contact us below: